Eating Well When You Are On a Budget in Orlando, Florida


While Orlando offers its fair share of fast food places, when on holiday, fast food won’t let you experience the unique flavours that the city has got to offer. Besides, dining at a restaurant can be so much more meaningful and it can add that extra enjoyment to your vacation. Here are some great and cheap dining options in Orlando, Florida.


Gringos Locos

Gringos Locos is a Mexican restaurant where you will find a selection of fresh tacos, burritos and side dishes at a relatively cheap price. Orlando locals love this restaurant, especially in the evening between 4 and 8 when it is their happy hour and tacos come for only $2 a piece. The most expensive dish on the menu is the chicken salad at $7.99.


Beefy King

The Beefy King has earned a place of royalty among cheap restaurants in Orlando. This is a sandwich joint that has been in business since 1968. For 40 years they have managed to stay open and keep gaining loyal followers. The sandwiches here don’t come just with beef, but there are many other options as well, including ham, pastrami, corned beef, BBQ pork and more. For a regular-sized sandwich you will only pay $4.55 while combo meals are around $7.75. 


Mrs. Potato

If you love yourself some potatoes with your meat then you have to visit Mrs. Potato as it is the ultimate “meat and potatoes” spot in Orlando. You can have your potato stuffed with meats and vegetables of your choice. A dish like this gets served as a dinner-size plate with delicious flavors that will leave you wanting more. The best part is that a meal like this won’t break your wallet as dishes range from about $8 to $10. 



Another place that offers delicious fresh tacos is Bartaco. Apart from taco, one will also find tuna and rock shrimp, pork belly and vegetarian dishes. There are plenty of side dishes to choose from, including queso fresco, cauliflower, falafel and more. 

If you want to be there at the happy hour, then make sure to stop by between 5 and 6:30 pm during weekdays. Drink specials include a range of flavours, from sangria to anchojito verde. Kids can also enjoy non-spicy meals and healthy options like fruit skewers and steamed broccoli.


Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is a restaurant in Orlando that serves up inexpensive dishes. Their dishes are focused around the concept of a ball of sticky rice. This rice serving is about the size of a snowball and one will eat it by pulling off pieces that can be dipped in a savory sauce. 

For protein along with your rice, you can choose between lemongrass pork sausage, sticky street wings and more. The atmosphere at this restaurant is casual as you get to eat at a picnic-style table and get your hands dirty while enjoying your meal.


Beth’s Burger Bar

Beth’s Burger Bar was named the Best Local Burger in 2014 by the Orlando Sentinel. This happened again in 2016 when Orlando Magazine praised them for having the best burgers in town. Beth Burger Bar does not have menu items however, but rather custom-made options. 

You can select between burger sizes and types and then customize them with your favorite toppings, including various sauces to choose from. They do have signature items such as the Peanut Butter Burger which includes cheddar, cheese, grilled onions, A1 sauce and peanut butter sauce. They have great milkshakes as well that are hand-spun and can come with whipped cream and toppings.


King Bao 

King Bao is a small, cheap restaurant in Orlando that serves yummy cheap dishes for under $4 each. One of the popular options is a fluffy steamed bun with delicious toppings. For meat lovers there is the Hogzilla while vegans can enjoy the popular Veganville. Make sure to save room for dessert as treats laced with Nutella will have your mouth watering!


Lazy Moon Pizza

At Lazy Moon Pizza, one slice is all you might need as they serve ridiculously large Pizza slices at small prices. Pizzas go by the names of Lazy Fave, The Buff and El Fidel. Guests can also choose their own toppings. Here, it is expected that customers eat, drink and be lazy, but you can have fun as well as you can grab a drink and play a game of bocce ball on-site while you wait for your order. 


Tako Cheena

Tako Cheena might sound Mexican, but it actually represents Mexican flavors combined with Asian and Latin American flavors. Besides having unique food options that include Thai peanut chicken and Indian yellow curry, Korean hot dogs or butter chicken burritos, this restaurant is also relatively cheap. Many dishes can be enjoyed for under $10.

 With so many fun things to do and explore in the magical city of Orlando and the hotel pricing, it is hard not to overspend your budget. However, at least when it comes to food, these eateries will not break the bank and they will definitely not leave you feeling hungry or disappointed.

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